Lorenze Jay
December 26, 2022 2 min read

How to make your website standout

How to make your website standout blog header image.

5 ways you make your website stand out:

1. Create strong visuals.

Visually appealing websites easily attract and can retain your visitors. Have a color scheme that is easy on the eye and have a clean layout with high quality images.

2. Provide value to your visitors.

This can be done by showing resources, blog posts and using engaging product descriptions. Make sure everything stays up to date.

3. Make your website responsive.

Responsive websites are websites that are both mobile and laptop/desktop friendly. More and more of your potential visitors will view your website from their mobile devices so having a mobile friendly website is important more than ever.

Also known as SEO, using best practices for SEO will help your website be more visible in search results. Ensure you have the meta tags that describe your what to expect from your website. We like using this website called metatags.

5. Use Video

Video is the mainstream format in showing off products. Leveraging video can help your site be more engaging and memorable as well as convince your customer that that product is for them.

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