Lorenze Jay
January 20, 2023 2 min read

Cold Emailing Tips with the pain formula

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Creating effective cold emails requires understanding the client's pain point and providing a solution. Following the pain formula from Patrick Dang, your cold email should have the following:

1. A relevant intro

Your intro should introduce you, what you do, and how it is relevant to your prospect. For example,
"Hey John, I am a web designer and noticed that you have a website for your strength training business.

2. Identifying the pain point of the client

Consider your prospect's pain points. If you can identify it and its something they are thinking about, they are more inclined to take you up on your offer. It also comes back to relevancy. You can offer a solution if their pain point is relevant to your business. For example, they have a website that needs a redesign or is not ranked.

3. Your solution to their pain point

Businesses have goals and targets. Your solution should help them achieve their goals. You've identified their pain points, offered your solution, and explained how you can deliver in one sentence.

4. Direct call to action typically involves scheduling time to discuss.

Ok, you did the first three. Now what? The best move is to schedule time to discuss more details with your client. Here you can ask for their calendar or provide your own. Take advantage of your call to action since your purpose of the cold email to land time to chat with the prospect.

Lastly, set up a follow-up email chain if they don't respond.

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